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Solar Power Plant Installation Cost

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It’s not a coincidence to be at a right place at right time taking a right decision! That’s exactly right about you! You are just a click away from earning a lot of money from unused space of your terrace/roof and any shadow free area in your premises.

Where there is a roof there is a way!

Be it your own residence, residential society, commercial building, industrial building, a warehouse, hotel, hospital, educational institution or any building which has a shadow free area.

Rocket science made simple!

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Solar Power Plant Installation cost, supplier and vendor, Solar Energy companies in Maharashtra:

Roof top solar power PV plants are the most popular form of solar installations. The main reason for its popularity is that it is not a specific application like street light, water heater or a solar lamp but it provides power to all the devices and appliances in a particular building and is a useful source of electricity for captive consumption.

Installing a solar power PV plant is very easy. The solar panels are installed on terrace, open ground or any shadow free area available. The power generated is connected by cable to the main meter which is receiving power from the grid. There is a controller which gives priority to solar power for consumption and the rest of power is supplied from the grid. A typical solar roof top PV Plant can provide up to 70% of solar power cutting power cost by 70%.

Solar power plant installation is suitable for independent houses, residential societies, office buildings, factories, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, malls, multiplexes, schools and colleges, government buildings, etc.

One of the myths about solar power is that the initial investment is very high. The reality is that with this high investment a true industrialist or a consumer can actually reduce the cost per unit of power to as low as Rs.2/- as compared to Rs.12/- in Maharashtra. There will be a windfall for commercial consumers who pay electricity charges as high as Rs.15/- per unit!

While the power rate that is Rs.12/- today will go as high as Rs.18/- by the 10th year, the cost per unit of solar power will remain constant at Rs.2/- Hence, the solar power plant installation cost has to be seen from a different angle. Smart business people have already done that! One lac rupees invested in solar power will be recovered in three year where the rate per unit is more than Rs.12/- ! For the rest of 22 years, the cost per unit will be less than Re. 1/- being the maintenance cost per unit. The life of a solar power plant projected as 25 years for the financial working. However it will continue generating electricity even after 25 years. The generation is worked out as 90% after 10 years and 80% after 25 years. This means that if 100 units are generated in 1st year, 90 units wlll be generated after 10 years and 80 units will be generated after 25 years!

Solar energy being a sunrise industry literally, many Solar power plant suppliers and vendors have entered the field! Solar energy companies in Maharashtra are creating awareness and promoting solar power to high consumption customers. Many of them also work to take advantage of the solar power policies in Maharashtra. The only factor a customer has to ensure from a vendor is that whether the generation of solar power is guaranteed for 25 years! As solar power generation is the only way to recover the investment and later on projected savings.

Commercial customers have an added advantage. The profit making customers can actually, save on income tax by claiming accelerated and additional depreciation. This means that if a customer invests Rs.1 lac in a solar power plant, he will save tax of Rs,30,000/-. Which means, instead of paying Rs.30,000/- to tax collectors, the same is invested in solar power plant installation and net investment is just Rs.70,000/-!

That the solar power plant installation has now become commercially viable as cost of installation is going down and electricity tariff rates are going up. The solar power installation will is now no more dependent on government subsidies and incentives. The major impetus still awaits as the Indian government targets 40 GW of roof top solar power plant installations by 2022!