Recent reports suggest that rooftop solar market in India is beginning to realize its potential. Annual market size greater than 1 GW in the current year will be an important milestone for the market. We expect India to build a total rooftop solar capacity of 13.2 GW by 2021.

We are seeking power full team mates with entrepreneurial skills to join us and share their expertise with us. We are prepared to offer all the support that can help in carving even a small portion out of such a huge market.

Koku Solar invites you to be our channel partner at your terms! We understand the passion and hard work that goes into acquisition and support of a customer. Impeccable service is our motto. If you are the one, we invite you to join us. We assure best training, support and effectiveness in all the areas to help you in beating the competition and work with us in moving ahead for infinite journey!

A. Every Roof is our customer. Rooftop target for India is 40GW by 2022. This is Huge. There are many industries, hotels resorts which are immediate customers. You can continue doing solar for next 10 years.