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Solar Energy - Best Investment Option for Wise !
Earn while the sun shines…..

Solar energy has become the safe and secured investment option that not only saves money but also ensures the healthy future of our next generation!


With the advent of global warming, the world environmentalists identified that the major cause was carbon footprints emitted from power generated through fossil fuel. To avoid further damage, renewable energy was the only solution.
With experience of implementing renewable energy world wide, solar energy became the most popular and feasible form. While in European countries and especially Germany, solar energy is considered as an effort of transition to a low carbon environmentally sustainable energy supply, developing countries like India has yet to make energy available to substantial part of population.

Scenario - India

In India, Solar power is being promoted as cost saving tool for the business and industry. As cost of power directly impacts the cost of production or operation. All commercial buildings including offices, warehouses, malls, hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges and even government building pay high electricity tariff. These are the top of the list beneficiaries for saving from solar power. Residential houses and non-commercial organizations which pay low subsidised tariffs do not make solar power viable as they pay low rate per unit. However, central and state governments offer different form of subsidies to encourage installation of solar power.

Solar Energy - Now a commercial proposition

Of late, cost per unit of solar power has become less than cost per unit of grid power. Hence, the generation and consumption of solar power has become a commercially viable proposition. Business and industry now can actually use solar power to cut the production cost.

Solar Energy Saving Calculator

Solar Energy Saving calculator, Solar rooftop calculator, Solar energy calculator, Solar power calculator, Solar system calculator, Solar power Plant Installation Calculator are the different name that provide the same information.

The purpose of energy saving calculator is to derive how much saving can be done on power cost vis-a-vis investment in solar power plant installation. Basic components for an energy saving calculator are number of units consumed and amount of electricity bill for that period. This will give us the rate per unit of grid power. As solar power installation is based on the shadow free space available for placement of panels, it is also one of the component which can inform off hand how much kilowatt of solar power can be generated considering the space available.

Comparing Apple to Oranges

Solar energy is considered as a financial proposition. A business mind always prioritises the investment. The factors are rate of return on investment, risk involved, span of investment, opportunity cost and so on. A “wise” business man chooses to invest money in his own business assuming that the expansion in his own business will bring better return on investment as compared to investment in solar power plant. This is the biggest fallacy and an excuse believed to be true! Actually, this is like comparing apple to oranges. As investment in solar power plant is not comparable to investment in business. There is no guarantee about the rate of return in business as all the business risks are there. However, investment in solar power plant ensures that the cost per unit of solar power remains constant for 25 years! This can actually give an opportunity to the businessman to revise his prices and make them very low as compared to competitors without compromising the quality of his products.


Hence, investment in solar power plant should be an independent decision and cannot be compared with any other investment options!